This short research was inspired by Pat Reynolds, Research student in University of York, who was interested in comparison of anchors used in Baltic states. As there are no research done on the subject, case studies are photographed not only in Riga, but also all over Latvia. To be continued...

Riga, Aldaru street 10. The dwelling house.

Anchors revealed during facade investigation works.
  • late XVth century - 1st half of XVIth century - the south gable was constructed.
  • mid XVIIIth century - the 3rd floor is constructed, south gable is hightened.
  • Facade acquires smooth plastering and is painted traditionally to rococo period.
  • 1996 - facade is restored, rococo painting scheme has been restored.
  • Cesis, St.John's church

    XIVth century - The medieval church vaults were constructed
  • 1686 - the church was several times burned down in XVIIth and mid XVIIIth centuries. At this time massive butresses where added and anchors established to fasten the vaults.
  • 1748 - the great fire in the city; probably, anchors from the tower date from this time. They correspond to the present ceiling level.
  • Jekabpils, Riga street 216b. Krustpils castle.

  • 1st half of XVIIIth century - the present castle was constructed on the basis of medieval walls, incorporating medieval gate tower.

  • 06.07.2005.
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